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FRAALFA SL was founded in 1995 and was initially involved in the manufacture and production of corrugated boxes.

To this day the company has grown into designing and manufacturing packaging and POS material, though it still hasn't forgotten its origins. Throughout these 20 years Fraalfa has been renewing and adapting its production processes according to the new needs of the market, and today counts over 10.000 m2 of production space.

As manufacturers we offer a personalized, comprehensive service and the most competitive prices, striving to develop solutions that meet the different needs of each of our clients.


  • With 20 years of experience, our goals have that changed, that is to offer a competitive, fast and innovative service for our customers. We possess the latest technology automation in our production processes in order to shorten delivery times and offer the highest quality in our packaging. With constant innovation in machinery, we can design, manufacture and deliver any type of container or packaging in corrugated or solid board. 
  • We specialize in creating cardboard pallets to standard and/or customized measures. This type of pallet can weigh up to 3 times less than a conventional wooden pallet, yet is still just as functional and durable. It requires phytosanitary treatment and is 100% recyclable. 
  • We are manufacturers of PLV, and our final product is the design of its ideas. We specialize in the production and handling of PLV in any material. whilst guaranteeing punctual delivery and logistics management at the point of sale.

    We have 7.500 m2 of facilities equipped with the latest technology sector that allow us to develop solutions in differentiated and specific PLV for each of our clients. We are involved in the projects as if they were our own, paying attention to detail and quality and at the same time aiming for a significant cost reduction for the customer. The results are creative and innovative, with reduced delivery times.


    • Display: Increase your sales and positioning your product on the market to improve its visual impact
    • Floorstands: A lot of variety of models to show your product.
    • Exhibitors desktop: The closest way to arrive to the final consumer to positioning the product at the counter of the sale place.
    • Totems: The best way to create the desired impact.

  • The majority of companies decide to promote their articles at the point of sale, whereas Fraalfa offers the service product Shrink. We have the certification required for the handling and wrapping of hygiene products and cosmetics. We have a sanitized area of 600 m2, with controlled temperature and humidity. All products within the company still control traceability and quality in order to ensure perfect delivery to the customer.
  • We design, manufacture, and perform the assemblage of stands and cardboard accessories, either customized to your needs or manufactured in standard packs and sizes ready for customization and installation.
  • Our values are creativity and design. Our cardboard furniture provides customization, lidhtness, strength and sustainability.
  • We design and manufacture your ideas, so that I can look over them at the point of sale. Our clients identify and feel comfortable with the design we propose, feeling in one place with the company.
  • Our designs and assemblies will make the customer enters the establishment, considering attractive, artistic, flashy and very nice.

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